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The Chef Master Kitchenв„ў kettle allows you to quickly heat up water to boiling point.В It has an attractive and practical lighting system.

Smart Panini & Grill

Turn your average sandwich into an exciting culinary experience with the Smart Panini & Grill.

Smart Pressure Cooker в„ў

With the Smart Pressure Cooker, all the flavour and speed of a traditional pressure cooker go hand in hand with all the convenience of the digital era.

Food Warming Plate в„ў

The healthiest way to keep food like freshly prepared.
This tempered glass food-warming tray allows you to keep different pots, pans and heat-resistant plates warm until it is time to have your meal.

Smart Rotisserie в„ў

Thanks to its rotation system and its timer, you’ll get spectacular results cooking juicy meats, roasted chicken, crispy chips and much more.

Free Fry Cookerв„ў

Cook healthier meals or snacks with the help of Chef Master Kitchenв„ў FreeВ·Fry Cooker. This innovative low-fat fryer was designed to make crispy and tasty chips with almost no oil.

Inox Cook Robotв„ў

We blend the best technology and design for you. Chef Master Inoxв„ў will be your best ally in the kitchen. Now you will love cooking!

Master Quick Cookerв„ў

The king of Slow Cookers.
Quick Cookerв„ў is a multi-purpose tool in the kitchen. Try dozens of delicious recipes with just one device!

Chef Master Robotв„ў

BSC Master RobotВ® carries you to a professional chef’s kitchen, where you will be able to create delicious dishes and make enjoy all kinds of tastes.

Chef Master Ovenв„ў

Chef Master Ovenв„ў cooks your food evenly, leaving it tender and juicy, since the heat comes from the air circulating around the food. The convection oven grills, bakes, fries, boils and steams.

Smart Cookerв„ў

We blend the best technology and design for you. Chef Master Smart Cookerв„ў will be your best ally in the kitchen. Now you will love cooking!

Chef Master Kitchenв„ў helps you in the kitchen

Chef Master Kitchenв„ў adapts to your needs offering you a broad range of products, where you will be able to create delicious dishes.

Introducing the Chef Master KitchenВ®, a comprehensive range of food processors you can use to prepare a large variety of recipes.

Save time and energy: Chef Master Kitchenв„ў will cook for you now.
Get inspired with our recipes >

Название товара: KITCHEN MASTER

Страна: Индия

Год: 2019

Срок годности: до 28.07.2026

Рейтинг товара: 4.98 из 5.00 на основе 277 голосов

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