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Артикул: 000112-88688
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Оценка - 4.90
306 отзывов


Yorum Sayısı: 89

dillian ll rule boxing soon.

chisora beat you. shut up. sit down. you fake wanna be gangster lol

is dillan white gay?

dillions a member.

Dillian the donkey whyte

dillian change your fucking twitter!! you're not 20-0 u got ktfo by joshua. what a twat

spencer does some really weird thing with his eyes every time he talks. really freaks me out tbh

Whyte has a disproportionately small head compared with those huge shoulders.

can someone clear this up for me, is he called Dylan, or Dill Ian?

Shut up Dillian, dropping excuse after excuse on why Dereck got the best of in a sparring session! Yet he kept bragging he beat AJ years before that spar with DC, make your mind up Refugee

The more you look at dillian.the smaller his head gets.

What about the: BATTY SNATCHER!

Fearon's a bigoted simpleton. Lucked out on his Sky job

no chance against chisora.

Dill looks like a black gay predator pop dat batty hole yo.

Don't keep me hanging Spencer 3:47

anyone comments on here about dhillion not being the real deal is a tosser who wouldnt know a left hook from a meat hook! if you know fuck all about boxing then why make stupid fucking comments!

Spenser is full of shit thinks he knows it all the wank face cunt.

Why do people call
Him crumb?

lmaoooo the air Dillian Whyte got from the dry joke he made was the best part 3.44 he then realizes no support and puts his fist back lool

Spencer. the pup can learn from you mate. especially with he's immaturity!

All i ever hear dillian talk about is past sparring sessions or how apparently hes beaten every heavyweight as an amatuer including joshua but in pro ranks he went and got himself smashed by AJ! Full of shit dillian overhyped

Dillian whyte is a propa lad loves a gay and racist joke lool

Название товара: SPENCER BARNES

Страна: Беларусь

Год: 2019

Срок годности: до 18.07.2021

Рейтинг товара: 4.90 из 5.00 на основе 306 голосов

Маркировка продукции: Сертификат EAC

Товар сертифицирован

Доставка: от 0 рублей

Оплата: наличными/картой при получении

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